Wellness Services

Most services require an appointment. Please call ahead to assure you will have a practitioner available to assist you or use the form here and we will contact you. Please call 376-8327.

arrow Thermal Imaging
is a test of physiology-looking for changes. Early detection is aimed at prevention and if early changes are detected then we have an opportunity to intervene and change the outcome.No radiation, Painless, No contact. All reports are interpreted by a Medical Doctor. FDA Registered.

• Breast or 1 region(head, abdomen, arms, legs or chest) – $175
• 3 Month follow up (for breast and anyone receiving treatments
such as acupuncture, chiropractic or physical therapy) – $150
• 2 regions or half body – $325
• Full body – $450
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Blood Typing and RH factor
FDA approved (instant results) – $25

Chi Machine
Helps with autonomic nervous system and spinal balancing.
7 sessions at your convenience – $25

Far Infa Red Treatment
Heat treatment for discomfort and disease-treatment is in 15 minute increments. $1 per minute

Hair Analysis with Consultation
Tests electrolyte, metal and toxin levels.

Bio Mat
Per Session